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Introducing: Katara Cultural Village

Lets start with the basics...

1. Where is it?

The Cultural Village is located in the West Bay lagoon area of Doha. Near the Intercontinental Hotel. 

2. How do I get there?

Head towards the Intercontinental Hotel on the Road that takes you toward The Pearl-Qatar. Pass the Intercontinental on your right hand side and you will come to a roundabout. Take a right. Continue down the road for 50 meters. The entrance to the Cultural Village is located on your left hand side. 

3. Whats there?

The jewell in it's crown has to be the outdoor amputheatre (think back to Roman times in Europe and you get the idea), a Royal Opera House, a theatre / cinema, a beach, restaurants, cafes... the list goes on.





4. What restaurants are there?

Saffron Lounge

is a posh Indian Restaurant under the watchful eye of Michellin Starred chef Vineet Bhatia

Click here to find out more about Saffron Lounge

Khan Farouk Tarab Cafe 

is a traditional Egyptian Cafe serving food and shisha, with live music.

Click here to find out more about Khan Farouk

Sukar Pasha 

is a brand new Turkish restaurant with an elegant interior and traditional food.

Click here to find out more about Sukar Pasha 

L'wzaar Seafood Restauarant

is a delicious, modern fish restaurant with a market style 'fish counter' where you can choose your own fresh fish and have it cooked just the way you like it.

Click here to find out more about L'wzaar

Dont forget to keep checking for updates- we'll be the first to let you know when new places open!  


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