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Mexican - Expensive

Parcel One, Porto Arabia, The Pearl Qatar, Doha, Qatar
Modern, Fine Dining Mexican By Richard Sandoval.




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Pampano Details
Parcel One, Porto Arabia, The Pearl Qatar, Doha, Qatar
Opening Times
10.00 - midnight Daily
Home Delivery  no
Take Out  no
Licensed  no
Booking Recommended  yes
Parking  yes
Telephone  44953876 ext 1221

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User Reviews
Posted by cuisineking on 03 Jul 2013 05.02

Hmmm, decidedly unimpressed. Atmosphere - zero. WE arrived at around 8:00pm and the place was empty.
Service - slow. Even though we ere the only customers, we had to search for staff to take our order.
Food - very odd combinations. Sorry, but it just wasn't to my taste at all. And just to top it off, the prices were just ridiculous.

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Posted by Majdouline on 27 Nov 2012 23.23

Soooo good! I need to go back soon! The food was clean and the flavours were fresh and light!
I ordered the tacos de langosta ( lobster tacos). I told them to emit the black bean puree. The was very nice! It had the perfect crunch and everything. For my main, I ordered the hammour which came with veracruz sauce and a plantain mash! Again, the flavours were to die for!

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Posted by ALAN on 18 Dec 2011 12.05

place is quite simple,food not bad ,services is ok .we had dinner there with family we enjoy for a while but need bit improvement .

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Posted by Dan3 on 09 May 2011 11.00

People in Qatar have NO clue what Mexican food is like.

Mexican food is considered as \"World heritage\" by the UNESCO, while arab, indian, adian, italian etc is NOT, and this restaurant brings a small taste of that, mostly by sea food specialties.

This is truly a top restaurant in Doha, people who know about good dining will agree, if you are looking for something more tex-mex and cheap go to applebee\'s.

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Posted by splmbrg on 03 May 2011 13.38

The place is OK and the staff is accommodating.The food is fair enough, but it might be the last time dining in Pampano.

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Posted by golaisw on 15 Sep 2010 20.38


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Posted by Greed is Good on 02 Sep 2010 09.48

Posh Mexican? Not a new bikini wax inspired by a Spice Girl but the Doha branch of a growing high-end group of restaurants that has opened on The Pearl. This had to be tried.
We visited Pampano within the first few months of it opening. It was a weekday evening and the restaurant was quieter than a mute mouse, which was not a great sign. Initial impressions of the decor were hardly striking: soft and neutral tones and low lighting appeared anonymous and blandly inoffensive. However, as our time in Pampano drew onwards, it became evident that very clever use of extensive mirrors, lighting, centrepiece furniture and thoughtful design had turned what might have been another handbag shop unit (and not a large unit at that – probably not enough room to swing a mariachi’s guitar) into a space that felt warm, cosy and welcoming. The sweeping banquette seating and space between tables led to a degree of privacy often ignored in other restaurants and the lack of showy, self-conscious furnishings set the tone: no overt statements were being made. Maison De Caviar take note. That is not to say that it is, or looks, cheap inside. Understated and tasteful is closer to the mark.

The staff may have been taught their trade by the furniture. They too were softly-spoken, accommodating, thoughtful and made us feel like valuable customers throughout the dining experience. The restaurant may have been in its infancy in Doha at the time of our visit but any teething problems were not evident to us.

For the food we chose the ceviche (a selection plate of goodies that allows you to taste what you could have, should have ordered for the main course) that elicited television commercial style raised eyebrows and over-enthusiastic noises. However, these treats played second maraca to the piece of food theatre that was the guacamole. Disregard the smooth and creamy gloop that comes in jars the world over. Guacamole here is made at your table by an enthusiastic man who is part surgeon, part magician. The gritty, bitty, zesty mixture that appears accompanied by tortillas is quite astonishing and truly delicious. Certainly to be recommended.

In an age when restaurants are paring down menus to just a few dishes done remarkably well, Pampano ignores the trend. The menu goes on longer than a Doha summer with steaks and game supplementing the plentiful fish dishes. The black miso cod was my main course. Foodies will know that this is a variation on the signature dish of Nobu. Having been fortunate enough to enjoy the dish at Nobu London (and again in Melbourne, just to make sure...) I was concerned that the Mexican twist may disappoint or distort the distinctive flavours of the miso and cod. The dish arrived well presented (as one would expect and demand in a restaurant of this calibre, but I still find myself letting out a sigh when presented with artistic food, like a child at a firework display) and was magnificent. The fleshy fish was fat and flaky, full flavoured and finished fast. The Blonde chose the tuna dish and reported a thick, meaty slab of salty goodness that had the unusual effect of rendering her quiet. Both dishes were, however, saucier than a Blackpool postcard. Refined critics will bemoan this, mentioning a clash of flavours or a loss of finesse. The sauces, though, were good. Very good. And one can never have too much of a good thing. All was accompanied by a crisp white wine recommended by that rarity in Doha: a maitre’d with knowledge of both the wines, and the dishes. The winelist itself was extensive and not afraid to surrender the Mexican vibe for the sake of quality French and Italian whites and some strong Australian reds.

Aware that I could make the review last longer than the food, in summary: an outstanding restaurant with food, staff and setting to rival the best in Doha. A return visit is definite, most likely when the weather allows outside dining on the terrace, set back slightly from the waterside walkway to avoid that pavement cafe feel. Blondie will likely be back for girly get-togethers in the big banquettes, all giggles and pino grigio, and I’ll return to discover whether the rest of the menu is as agreeable. The setting may be a bit romantic for a work client dinner or for somewhere to treat the family when visiting these sandy shores (judgment reserved until tried) but for a meal for two, or with close friends or for special occasions Pampano is near-perfect. Other reviewers will likely mention the cost. It is not cheap but anyone with an appetite and an appreciation for food will have spent more on less elsewhere in Doha. Skip the wine, or have only a glass, and costs are probably easier to keep low. If cheap is what you require, Doha has some wonderful and varied eateries, of which Pampano is not one. If an astonishingly good meal in a surprisingly pleasant restaurant is what you require then Pampano should be on your list. Somewhere very near the top.

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Posted by lisakclayton on 22 Aug 2010 02.11

Pampano is a nice addition to the Fine Dining scene in Doha. The interior is stylish but timeless in neutral tones, rich textures and filmy curtains that create a greater sense of privacy between tables, which helps in the relatively small dining area. Service is good, but maybe slightly too attentive, breaking in very often to try to pour wine and water which were left on the table. This becomes inhibiting when trying to carry on a conversation, so a bit of training with the wait staff would serve them well. From Appetizers to Desserts, the meal was very well prepared, beautifully presented, and properly proportioned. Seafood is their specialty and the Mexican styled seafood dishes will not disappoint the "foodie". A good way to start your meal is by ordering the guacamole, which is prepared to order table side, although you will probably want extra chips. The wine list is sufficient and complements the menu well. Over all, I would rate Pampano as one of the best new additions to the restaurant scene in Qatar. I would rate it 4.5 stars (due to the overeager, yet disruptive service). However, since half-stars are not available I will give it 4 stars, to give them something to work for.

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Posted by Alexis on 16 Aug 2010 16.37

I went to Pompano when they opened and i was not happy with the service at all. We booked a table then we arrived we had to wait for our table. The management didn't even offer a drink while we waited. Once seated I ordered a Margarita and my friend a glass of wine. The Margarita came before the wine, we had to request the wine and eventually they brought it. The lack of service so put me off, the food was good and tasty but the service really bad.

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Posted by DohaCritic on 29 Jun 2010 17.30

I dined at Pampano last night. I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food, but I loved the food at Pampano. My dining companion and I had the taster selection to share for our starters. Three small bowls were brought out - the first red snapper in a minty sauce; the second was shrimp in what looked like a tomato/cream sauce and the last was raw tuna in a sweet soy sauce. Each dish had it's own unique flavour, and with an accompaniment of fresh warm nachos - the starter was remarkably good - setting our expectations high for main course.
I ordered the black miso cod and my companion had the hake... apart from the heavy cream sauce drizzled onto my meal, the fish tasted fresh and the vegetables crisp. The food could not be faulted... and the service was pretty good too.
The only slight issue with the restaurant would be - within the small indoor dining area - the waiting staff circulated around the diners far too regularly, perhaps every three mins.

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