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Orient Pearl Restaurant

International - Moderate

Museum Park Street, Corniche, Doha, Qatar
Sea view terraces , over viewing the awesome corniche of Doha , enjoy your time at terraces of La Toscana in the Orient Pearl Restaurant.

Valet parking available.



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Orient Pearl Restaurant Details
Museum Park Street, Corniche, Doha, Qatar
Opening Times
Monday - Sunday: 12:00 - 01:00
Home Delivery  no
Take Out  yes
Licensed  no
Booking Recommended  no
Parking  yes
Telephone  4410 6600

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User Reviews
Posted by ali on 04 Apr 2013 02.41

We were invited last night for dinner in the italian resturant on the 2nd floor of this fantastic building.the lighting the parking the whole building you felt you were not in doha.WOOOW very nice. We were all excited in trying the new food after hearing so much about it. But then things started to turn as we got closer to the resturant, we were very dissapointed at everything from the first second we walked into the reasturant. The decoration was Arabic and nothing saying Italian. The table settings were some cheap porcilin from UAE which stood out, a lot of shishas being smoked in and out of the resturant,the air was filled with heavy smoke, staff were trying to open all the door and windowns to help the situation. There were TV screens scattered around the resturant, WHY WHY WHY Not in a five star dining area!! Anyway the waiters didnt understand half the orders and many food iteams were not avaliable. We waited 35 min to get any service, and when we did we got some random water bottle left on the other side of our table. Anyway we finaly ordered many things from the meanu hoping for the best, the only thing we got which was actualy worth eating was the Pizza which was good and fresh. But the Steaks were raw even after we said we wanted them well done, all the sides were out of a packet, the french fries the veggies etc, the seafood salad was still frozen must of come out stight from the frezer, the egg plant starter was nice but cold. other then that we could not find any service staff to bring us any plates or forks etc: Anyway we watched where the food was coming from and it was from the other building, coming across the outdoor shisha terrace uncovered!!!! Anyway we could not eat the rest of our food because it was that bad. I spoke to the manager and he said how wonderful his new resturant was and how they are fine tuning the food and service. I called my friends today to ask how things were after last night the 3 of them had veriuos levels of food poisioning. Not good, i guess this is not for me until they sort it out maybe 6 months or so. Just watch what you eat But try the pizza if you do go.

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Posted by yasmina on 29 Jan 2013 05.36

We noticed this beautiful restaurant whilst driving past and decided to pass by during the day so we could look around and book a nice table for a group of us that night. After being shown the upstairs terrace of La Toscana by a lovely lady, we decided to proceed with the booking, so followed her back downstairs. As she was taking our details the woman perched at the front desk started saying quite rudely that they don't take bookings, especially not for La Toscana! After our lady explained to her that we had a group and the manager had said it was ok, she still exclaimed 'well, make sure you are here on time, if you are here more than 15 minutes late your table won't be available!' Whilst I completely understand how things can be in Doha with people reserving and then not showing up, I personally am not in the habit of doing this so was a bit taken aback, plus there is a way of saying such things. At the end of the day we can take our business elsewhere and this was to be our first impression of this restaurant, not good. Anyway we decided to give it a second chance and so showed up with our group of friends that night. The terrace and seating arrangement was lovely and the wait staff were very nice. Unfortunately when it came to ordering we were told mains, appetisers and desserts (basically half the menu) were unavailable as the kitchen was not fully ready yet, only pizzas, rissotto and salads. Also when we had some questions about the food the waiter was unable to answer or didn't understand what we were asking, though we managed to get by as he was very nice. The food that we were able to order, though, was delicious. We even had a couple of italian friends in our group who loved the pizza! All in all, its a wonderful, impressive setting, but I feel they have rushed to open before being completely ready which is a shame as this place has amazing potential. I would recommend giving it some time to become established and iron out the problems before you visit.

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