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American - Moderate

C Ring Road, City Centre Mall & Khalifa Tennis Stadium, West Bay, Doha, Qatar
If you're in the mood to treat the kids, without breaking the bank, then check out Applebee's in Doha. Think TGI Fridays, Chili's (Franky & Bennie's if you're European) and you're along the right lines of what Applebee's has to offer. An average meal, with drinks will cost you under 100 QR per person, but could be much cheaper depending on what you choose and if you like to share! The food is generally out fast and it’s always a fun night out- especially for families and parties. The waiters will even come and sing to you if it’s your birthday, always proving a hit with the children! Applebee's, as with many other restaurants in its category serves very high calorie, high sugar and high salt content meals, so it's not somewhere you'd want to take the kids to every day. However, in 2013 they launched Doha-wide a 550 Calorie menu, which is actually just as delicious as the rest of their menu, but with half the guilt! Our favorite is the sizzling chicken fajitas, that are brought to your table, well… sizzling! Be careful, as you'd be surprised at some of the calories some of the seemingly 'not so unhealthy' meals can pack in, but if you're in for a celebration and don’t want to break the bank then Applebee's I definitely worth a visit. We love it!



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Applebees Details
C Ring Road, City Centre Mall & Khalifa Tennis Stadium, West Bay, Doha, Qatar
Opening Times
Suhaim bin Hamad St 11.00- 2.00
City Centre Mall 11.00 – Midnight
Home Delivery  yes
Take Out  yes
Licensed  no
Booking Recommended  no
Parking  yes
Telephone  Suhaim bin Hamad St 4442 7753 City Centre Mall 4493 4880

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User Reviews
Posted by Majdouline on 02 Feb 2013 23.32

They started featuring a healthy menu.. the portion is huge and at the same time flavourful

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Posted by Andy66 on 31 Dec 2012 23.28

maybe I expect too much when I ask for steak in a restaurant. The alarm bells should have started ringing when 10 minutes after ordering a medium rare T-bone, the waitress returned and asked me how long I would recommend cooking it for. Oh how we laughed...untill it turned up that was! Without any exageration, my dog would have turned up his nose at the offering that was eventually bought forth.

Anyway, long story cut short... Manager apologised; offered an alternative; didn't want anything as all appetitie was suddenly lost; didn't pay; wouldn't go back in a million years

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Posted by Negron on 09 Oct 2012 10.55

The food is generally good and generous; however, the service has to improve - too many mistakes taken the order or wrong orders - mainly cold or out of time plates; the personal always has a smile but they should be more focused in provide a better service: too many Sorry Sir!! The best are the appetizers.. definetely

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Posted by tydrych on 14 Nov 2010 14.24

decent service.
always go for their appetizers combo.

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Posted by oktovian on 20 Aug 2010 22.05

Chicken Quesadilla is good. Mushroom Steak Skillet is recommended. Sample platter is great. Service is superb. Decor is great.

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