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Korean Garden Restaurant

Korean - Cheap

C Ring Road. Located just before Ramada Junction, Doha, Qatar
At first glance the Korean Garden Restaurant is definitely nothing to look at—in fact the whole place could do with a bit of a revamp. The décor is outdated, dull and lifeless but if your willing to get over this fact then we think you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Although Korean food is not a massive worldwide cuisine, outside Korea itself– like Chinese or Indian for example, there's a definite growing market for it. The food here, as far as we can tell, is very rustic and authentic and true to its Korean roots. Its simple and humble– our favorite was the spicy beef stew– a delightful medley of beef chunks, egg, noodles and hearty vegetables in a tomato based sauce. The portions are generous and come with free ‘banchan’ , (a side dish) and left us in very good spirits, glad that we’d had the opportunity to try such a fantastic, authentic new cuisine. Its not the place if your wanting a posh meal, but for a true Korean experience then you cant get much better than this in Doha.



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Korean Garden Restaurant Details
C Ring Road. Located just before Ramada Junction, Doha, Qatar
Opening Times
Sat — Thurs

12.00 — 23.30
Home Delivery  no
Take Out  yes
Licensed  no
Booking Recommended  no
Parking  yes
Telephone  44421853

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User Reviews
Posted by tydrych on 14 Nov 2010 15.09

i've got really sick after eting there.
my table was dirty, so were the plates. won't go there again.

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Posted by oktovian on 20 Aug 2010 21.44

Jjam-Bong is highly recommended. The hot spicy noodle will definitely makes you sweat.
Their Shushi line is also good.
Bi Bim Bab and Sweet Sour Squid is also good
Parking is limited but again JJam-Bong is a MUST

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