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Lwzaar Seafood Market

Our Rating:

About The Restaurant

If we had a list of our 'most exciting restaurant openings of 2011' then L'wzaar would definitely be pushing for the top. You only have to go for lunch to realize just how popular it is. The idea's not a new one by any means- fresh seafood laid out on ice in a 'fish market' style for you to choose from, then cooked to your liking. We just love it! The service was mediocre, but the delicious food made up for it. We loved the vast selection of fish and seafood- and most of it (apart from the lobster and king prawns!) is reasonably priced. Fish is charged by weight, and a mouth mouthwatering fresh salad bar is available for 35 QR per plate. Expect to pay 100QR + depending on what fish you order.


Restaurant details

  • Address Unit 27 Katara Cultural Village, West Bay Lagoon Area, Doha, Qatar
  • Opening Times Sun - Wed Lunch 12.00 - 15.00 Dinner 19.00 - 23.00 Thurs - Sat Lunch 12.00 - 16.00 Dinner 19.00 - 00.00
  • Website
  • Email
  • Home Delivery No
  • Take Out Yes
  • Licensed No
  • Booking Recommended yes
  • Parking yes
  • Telephone +974 4408 0710 / 11



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  • comment image By Jay 30th July 2011

    Ive eaten in thousands of restaurants in my 36 years! This is the best seafood place I have ever experienced. The food is fresh, ambience amazing, restaurant very clean, and food preparations outstanding. Only two issues: 1. Whike the servers are very courteous, there arent enough of them and takes time to get one's attention! 2. They ALWAYS say they dont have tables available for reservations, but if you argue, one always magically materialises! Is that their way of playing hard to get? i dont know, though its not needed!

  • comment image By carpinteyrovvo 18th May 2012

    Quite possibly the worst customer service in Qatar. When you call on the phone to make a reservation its always "fully booked". When you turn up to the restaurant its always "fully booked" even when restaurant is clearly empty. When you book well in advance they they don't have record of your booking! this has happened numerous times. The 2 stars are for the food when you do actually manage to get a table, its good food, i can't argue with that. I'm taking off 3 stars for their appalling service.

  • comment image By saksnulaPulty11 8th October 2011

    The foods are amazing especially the squid calamares, my son never forget the taste. Excellent!

  • comment image By korsuqj 9th October 2011

    I totally agree with the dining in doha review here- it is one of the most exciting places to open this year in doha. thats what we need here- more places with personality that are a bnit different like this, and less that are just the same old, same old. delicious seafood, not great service, but nice restaurant. bit echoey though, when its full.

  • comment image By Steve 19th November 2011

    Went to L'wzaar tonight and had the fish and chips...was great and good value too at QR38 per portion. Hostesses at the door were disinterested in giving us a table though and they stood outside chatting, so my husband had to go out and ask them to come in and sign us up for a table. They ignored him, so I had to go into the restaurant and ask one of the waiters to have a word with them - terrible attitude! We had to wait a short time as they said that they had no tables, but once inside, the restaurant had lots of empty tables! Our waiter said that they were reserved. Anyway, as said, the food was nice, the waiter was friendly and our food came out quickly. Bread and assorted vegetables/dips were complimentary. I went to look at the fresh seafood which is sold by weight and it looked so fresh! Will definitely have to return to sample that and prices didn't seem too steep compared to other places (in hotels) that I have visited. Decor has an aquarium vibe going on and the place has been busy every time I have walked by. Would recommend, if you can look past the occasional bad service. The food is worth going for!....

  • comment image By Vickey 25th December 2011

    Dissapointing. Booked over a month ago and the big day arrived. Met at the door with sombody who didnt want the be there, a smile is extra I belive. Shown to our seat next to one of the ornimental fish tanks that had sprung a leak, so we had an industrial wet and dry vacume cleaner running, ladders and a couple of engineers trying to deal with the leak. No apology. When I spoke to the Manager he said there was no where else to go and blamed the fish tank for breaking earlier in the day, he went on to say that the other tank did just the same a few weeks ago. I suppose it was difficult to think that the same fault was likly to happen again!. Anyway eventaully moved to the family area, sorry I didn't say it was just the two of us. A table was made available, but we had to carry our own food and drinks! The table was placed in the walkway so everytime somebody went by my head ended in the bread basket. After an hour we gave up and left with the waiter / manager chasing us to say the food was now ready, oh we had to chase that too. The fish looked great but the organisation and training needs some serious attention and so does the leadership. We will be re-attending, yes but with a packed up lunch in reserve! lets hope somebody reads this and makes changes, Now! Concept is great, a little noisy and no atmosphere, why have LCD screens playing football! A- for style. Come on make it a fun place to be. Can't rate it as we didn't get to eat, a carrot is a carrot and the restaurant just didn't deliver

  • comment image By Steve 1st January 2012

    This place is ridiculous -am here at the moment and it's the usual story of there being no tables available, when half the restaurant is empty. The usually helpful hostesses (not!) Are saying that all the tables are reserved - some not until 8.30 - we'll be in and out by that time, as we are only going to order fish and chips, but no, not possible to get a table!! Their response was to order the fish and chips and sit outside on the steps!and that we have to make a reservation 3 days in advance... Will not be coming back, despite what my husband says.....the one star below is for the shambolic service, not the food....

  • comment image By carpinteyrothn 14th January 2012

    Very disappointed with the food but the worst was the service! really rude!!! There are plenty of places in Doha to go out. I won't come back!

  • comment image By Marianna 27th November 2012

    I really enjoyed this restaurant. The colours used in the restaurant were perfect- they were reminiscent of the sea. I ordered the California Roll, Ebi Tempura, Shrimp Spring Rolls, Corn & Crab, and Lobster Thermidor. Everything was delicious. I really want to go back and order all of those items again!

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