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Shakespeare and Co

British - Moderate

Da al Salam Mall, Abu Hammour, Doha, Qatar
Shakespeare And Co. Restaurants provide a cozy, chic ambiance where clients can enjoy an eclectic menu, featuring all-day breakfast, lunch & dinner.

We were pleasantly surprised when we went for a bite to eat at this restaurant. We loved the decor - a theatrical spectacle with lots to look at admire. From paintings on the ceiling, to curtains draped round the restaurant - it is different to most in Doha and therefore makes it interesting.

The food itself was good - the English and American breakfasts looked tempting but instead we opted for calamari and spicy prawns which were nicely cooked and seasoned.

This is the type of restaurant that appeals to everyone in Doha. As we dined there was an European mother there with her daughter, groups of Qatari women chatting away, an Arabic man reading the paper as well as lots of other friends and colleagues.

It may not have the best location in Doha but what it lacks in this it makes up with good food, great service and a restaurant that has dared to be different. Judging by how busy and popular the restaurant was when we went we know this restaurant will do well in Doha.

To guarantee a table,be sure to book as it can get very busy we are told on some times of the day.



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Shakespeare and Co Details
Da al Salam Mall, Abu Hammour, Doha, Qatar
Opening Times
08.00 - 23.30 daily
Home Delivery  no
Take Out  yes
Licensed  no
Booking Recommended  yes
Parking  yes
Telephone  (+974) 66768812

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User Reviews
Posted by Missay on 12 Feb 2014 02.14

I had the worst experience with this place, the staff need to be trained, one of the waitresses was incharge of our table made us wait 20 minute to get the menu, and then when we asked her to take our order she said okay i will come back to take the order and she didn't we tried to stay as long as we can. but, there wasn't even a butter or bread on the table not even plates or fork and knives. the service is really bad. I went out to have a good time with my family but, instead i left angry and hungry.
I would never recommend this place to anyone.

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