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Star of India

Indian - Cheap

Television Roundabout, Khalifa Street, Doha, Qatar
Star of India offer a bizarre choice– Indian and Chinese in the same restaurant, as if they somehow belong together. Well lets set the record straight– they don't. ‘The Star of India’ is something that is found in a precious gem, unique to India. The Star of India restaurant on the other hand is certainly no gem. It is one of many that suffer from the curse of offering multiple cuisines. Our belief is simply- stick to one cuisine and do it well, instead of trying to be a jack of all trades. Star of India is definitely a ’no frills’ restaurant– the décor is nothing to speak of and the food is average (the Indian we found was substantially better than the Chinese). We did find the service to be ok, although we did go for the buffet.. It's on the cheaper end of things and average meal setting you back around 80 QR. Again, its not a bad place– but we’ve definitely had a lot tastier curries in Doha. Beware—if you are a vegetarian, check your meal closely before you eat – our waiters weren't too hot on what constituted a ’vegetarian option’!



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Star of India Details
Television Roundabout, Khalifa Street, Doha, Qatar
Opening Times
Sat — Wed
11.30 — 14.30
Thurs & Fri
Home Delivery  no
Take Out  yes
Licensed  no
Booking Recommended  no
Parking  yes
Telephone  44861908

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User Reviews
Posted by tydrych on 14 Nov 2010 15.52

Liked the place. not expensive. good value for money

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